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The Importance of Multimedia Content in Your Marketing Strategy

More than 340,000 tweets are posted per minute, from those created by small players who have only a few followers to those added by bots retweeting everything. In niche circles with tightly tailored lists, you can face challenges when trying to put yourself ahead of industry experts and thought leaders. Amid all this noise and competition, how do you stand out? To compete on the busy interwebs, you need to produce something more than traditional blog posts.

Although posts are great updates for news features or product announcements, they’re easily forgotten if they don’t offer something different from what your audience can get elsewhere. As a result, more digital marketers than ever are turning to multimedia content to make a splash and go viral with something new. Multimedia content ranges from video footage taken by a journalist’s smartphone to a personality quiz about favorite fall beverages. With this content, customers can break out of the normal consumption process and actively engage with your brand.

These forms of media tend to be more expensive and take more time to create, but the value they offer is worth the effort. The shelf life for a well-crafted interactive infographic or flowchart can extend beyond six months, compared to the days or hours that a blog post receives traffic. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can take advantage of this type of marketing. Check out the following infographic on multiple types of multimedia content to learn more about your options and to find out how you can execute your new digital strategy.


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