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10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence

The surge of social media has moved the online community towards a new, immense virtual horizon. Businesses both big and small try to find their place in the sun, and make customers see them in a new light. Others have realized the potential of social media to serve as a stage for promoting personal brands, projects and ideas. Everyone wants to stay there and last, not be a passing trend in an ocean of the countless digital currents.

The social game

Each social network has its own rules of the game and unique capacity to captivate people. That is why posting the same content on every platform will not cut it. Explore the many opportunities that every network offers and you will be able to increase the visibility. Facebook, for example, is unparalleled in terms of reaching the general crowd and making the most of the promotions.

Sheer quality

Offer quality content, and deliver it consistently and regularly. Planning is what makes or breaks your social mission, so schedule your posts ahead of time. You can use services like Buffer to time them right. Depending on a platform of choice, witty commentaries, inspirational quotes, or striking imagery might be what it takes to steal the show.

Truth be told

Be genuine and authentic, and people will recognize it. Provide handy, sincere content, as building trust is the best way to nurture an engaged audience. Instead of always trying to sell to users, help them without asking for anything in return. Real, personal relationships are the key ingredient in the social media mix. Share your knowledge and insights, and you will be able to stay on top of follower’s mind.


Do not spread yourself too thin by trying to be a jack of all trades. Nobody wants to waste time with a lifeless, unremarkable content that brings nothing new to the table. You are better off focusing on what you do best. That way, people take you for an expert in a certain niche, and actually listen to you. Then, you can expect sustainable results, not just some immediate payoff.

Knock, knock

To open the door of a new market, you might first have to knock on the gates of influencers and renowned experts. These members of an elite club have a loyal audience and a truckload of important connections. If you could get their attention, you would be taking your social media presence to the next level. By “borrowing” their credibility and followers, you can also make a name for yourself.

Human, after all

You must foster a human touch, so do not go on autopilot when it comes to posting. Make it known to other users that you are managing the account, and post funny, warm, and lighthearted content every now and then. Moreover, avoid the dry, unimaginative language and strike people as a friendly person. You can include some flourish in the form of signature move, inside joke, or private photos.

Behold, a contest

Hold a contest and encourage users to come up with their unique content. Facebook is the place where the promotional contests are quite popular. It does not take much time to share a photo, and that should be enough to qualify. The prize does not need to be anything exquisite. For example, a visa gift card, promotional item, or a useful gadget should do the trick. After all, everyone adores getting free stuff.

Being responsive

Platforms like Twitter practically bridged the gap between consumers and companies. But, this is no walk in the park for the latter. Businesses must stay responsive and solve people’s problems, customer service issues and answer their questions. A dedicated Twitter account, for example, is the good place to take care of customers by processing their complaints.

A call to arms

Building a wide audience is only one aspect of being a social media king. Yes, liking and sharing your content is an essential part of your arsenal. But, you have to also issue loyal decrees, or calls to action if you like. So, raise awareness about burning social issues or emerging trends. Of course, you would need to know your audience in order to present them with something they will support and cherish.

Getting visual

A human brain handles visual information much faster that textual one, and people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. This means that stunning photos and videos are the most powerful weapon you can summon. They enable users to gain more traction, so overlay text onto an image and create compelling graphics. Also, image-heavy platforms like Instagram are perfect for displaying product pictures.

Time to get busy

If you want to reap the benefits of online socializing, you better be prepared to roll up the sleeves. Use the immediacy of the media to soak in customer feedback, questions and dilemmas. Get your business circulating and grow an engaged audience. Remember that enthusiasm and honesty are infectious and help you with catering meaningful relationships. They are the factor that makes a difference and enables you to stand out in the bustling social landscape of today.


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